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Now i'm not usually one for cuteness...

but funny, random, manly cuteness? awesome.

awesome animation from you as always, unique style and overall fantastic, can't critique it in any way, and i'm glad i only have to wait a month for more :D

I also thought the "voicing" if you can call it that, was pretty unique, it almost sounded like they were Zelda characters, damn, Annie's laugh reminded me so much of Midna's from Twilight Princess. was this intentional or coincidental?

I was trying to guess their ages most of the way through aswell, could you enlighten us?

Bobert-Rob responds:

Manly cuteness? Isn't that a oxy-moron? lol.
And the whole 'I'll finish it in a month' statement is a guess from me, really. I do have the first couple of minutes animated, but I still have to do the rest and wait for Rina-chan to do the rest of the lines. Hopefully it'll only take a month for all that, though.
And nah, that wasn't intentional. A laugh is a laugh, though, and most laughs sound pretty similar anyway.
Age-wise... oh, I suppose somewhere between their teens and early 20's. I haven't stated a definite number yet because I don't think age is really that important in this. The setting of this does take place in sort of a college art class, though, so late teens to early 20's is most likely. Thanks for the review!

Oh man... I lol'd

Agreeing completely with the reviewer before me, this isn't getting a high enough score. I can't critique it though, except on it's length... but if you tried to make it longer it would probably be drawn out and boring. Fiv'd and Fav'd mah good man! :D

This was absolutely beautiful man...

I simply cannot find the words to articulate myself... i just found it... so amazing...

...just so... so amazing...

Thankyou so much man. Thankyou.

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That is one weird website...

seriously? cutting a wood elf's wrists to get to parts of the website?


...still good though, don't get me wrong, superbly designed... but this still deserves one big WTF from the majority of viewers

i loved the whole "find secrets idea", those things always keep me looking and entertain me, the little movies were excellent

i cant really list any bad things perse... except the whole concept is going to spark some controversy i guess. it wasn't really a game, its basically a flash of movies and secrets, i'd change that.

i'd love if you did actually update this. all aside, one kickass way to waste time, bravo.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, due to the interactive nature of it (clicking to go to each section, actively searching for secrets, etc) makes it more of a game than a movie. It is one of those things that really could be considered either, but since there's no actual 'main' movie to this, I figured it's closer to an interactive interface (or game) than anything else. It does sit really close to being a movie with a really complex menu system though. And yeah, the concept of the menu itself (ze cutting) IS pretty controversial... but I like how disturbing it is, really sets it apart from the other things I've done. But yeah, I doubt I'll ever get this morbid in my work again... don't quote me on that, though. Thanks for the review!

hah! nice game there!

i love it when you add pluto to the list of planets:

is not a planet


yeah, not awardworthy but a nice little flash, i wish i could do something like this :P

wow... killing them was disturbingly fun...

perfect 10 for you, is it wrong that i liked killing them so much??

to improve... uh... make a practice mode, i liked just messing around with the doll and that was hard with the avalanche

only thing wrong. loved the game, its bookmarked for meh :P

nooo! i wanna change my name!!!

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